Brighty, who is in his early to mid-20s, lived in horrible conditions at a farm where the owner neglected all his equines.  The animals lacked food and water, but smart little Brighty figured out how to escape to find grass and water throughout his neighborhood.  A good Samaritan neighbor finally convinced the owner to sell Brighty to her, and she then brought Brighty to our rescue in 2014.  He was frightened, hadn’t had any hoof care and wasn’t gelded.  Brighty today is as sweet as can be, an absolute gem who gets along with all the other donkeys.  He is, however, a bit suspicious with new people.  Because he knows and trusts us, we can do just about anything with him, but he does get nervous when anyone new tries to work with him.  We want Brighty to feel safe for the rest of his life and not have to endure any more change, so he gets to stay here in sanctuary.