Big Clyde

Big Clyde was the oldest member of a group of mammoth donkeys to which we alerted officials in 2016. He and the rest of his herd were terribly neglected. All of them had overgrown hooves, causing debilitating pain and inhibiting normal movement. Their teeth were sharp and painful, making it difficult to eat, and a couple of them suffered skin conditions, with huge patches of matted or missing hair. Luckily, authorities seized all the donkeys and they ultimately ended up here at our rescue, together.

Big Clyde had many years of neglect before he arrived here, and sometimes his rough past catches up with him. He requires a lot of specialized care to keep him comfortable and healthy. Big Clyde’s booming bray at feeding time is unmistakable, and we know he’s happy here with his friends, where he gets all the vet and farrier care he needs so that he can live the best life possible.