Daisy, who is in her early 20s, was surrendered (along with her younger buddy) in 2018 because her owners’ health issues meant they were unable to continue to care for both donkeys.  She was well cared for except for some dental issues that were not resolved, which caused her incredible difficulty eating.  Our equine dentist has worked on her many times. Daisy finally is chewing much better, but she still needs softened feed and hay pellets to supplement her diet to ensure she does get enough to eat. In 2019, she started showing signs of a diseased eye. After months of treatment, and consultations with our veterinarian and an equine ophthalmologist, it was determined that removing her eye would provide her the most long-term comfort.  Daisy had the surgery in May 2019 and is thriving now!  It is clear that the diseased eye was really bothering her and causing her pain, because her personality has blossomed since she’s recovered from the eye removal surgery. Daisy has adjusted very well and appears to be happier than ever.