Randy, Rocky and Rosie

Rosie and Rocky, together with their son Randy, were surrendered in May 2019 by responsible owners who could no longer take care of them.   Many people find they are in danger of being outlived by their donkeys, and seek a long-term solution for their donkeys’ ongoing care.   This little family falls into that category. The personalities of all three donkeys reflect their prior home: they are friendly, outgoing and charming.  (Rocky even “volunteered” to tag along on a visit to a local public library, spontaneously leaping into the trailer with 2 other (unrelated) donkeys!)  But, although the donkeys were loved and cared for, like many others, they are not always comfortable being handled.  They still react warily when approached with a halter, are not fond of the vet, the equine dentist or the farrier, and need additional training and tutoring. This wonderful senior family will live out their lives in sanctuary at Little Longears.