The Mini Donkey

Miniature Donkeys are Social Animals! SocialAnimals

Donkeys are gentle, intelligent animals, often said to be the smartest member of the equine family. They should always have a buddy! They thrive with another companion and will amaze you daily with their antics and problem solving abilities.

Donkeys need the same basic care as horses.  When donkeys arrive here, we see to it that they get the very best veterinary, dental and farrier care.

Miniature donkeys are very trainable and can be taught to pull carts, jump in hand, and even compete in a variety of obstacle courses!  It’s great exercise for their minds and bodies.  These guys are very smart and need to be mentally challenged.  They love to learn, and enjoy their interaction with people.

Sassafrass In Training
Coco Practicing Jumping
Coco Practicing Jumping