Want to Visit?

Spring is on the way, and we kick off our visitation season with the annual

Lunch with the Longears!

Come mingle with the donkeys, take lots of pictures, and get all the donkey hugs you want.

Tickets are $35 per person (for safety reasons, we ask that all children be over the age of 5). Tickets are non-refundable.

Lunch is included and refreshments will be provided throughout the day as well. We will offer a vegan/vegetarian option too. Enjoy a picnic here, at our beautiful farm, with donkeys in every direction.


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Farm Tours

A visit to Little Longears will introduce you to the sweet, friendly, affectionate and sometimes mischievous donkeys who call this sanctuary home. During your tour, you’ll learn the stories of many of our donkeys, learn about what problems donkeys face and why our rescue is necessary. We’ll walk you around the entire farm, and you’ll be able to mingle with our more friendly donkeys. Be prepared to be swarmed by donkeys, as they are incredibly curious and affectionate!  Each visit will last approximately one and a half to two hours.

To sign up for a tour look for the date you would like to visit on the calendar.  Tours begin May 8 and end November 14, 2024.  For safety reasons, we ask that all children be over the age of 5.

Choose the MONTH using the dropdown on the calendar and then hit GO.   Available dates that month will appear.  Click on the date you would like to visit to purchase tickets.  To move forward and back a month, click the < or > arrows.


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