Carroll County Animal Control called us in June 2017 to assist in the seizure of an emaciated and neglected donkey, the only donkey among 20 equines living in deplorable conditions. (Another rescue took the horses.)  This adorable little jenny was living in a gross, dark stall with no bedding, just deep manure; no hay or other food, and disgusting water.  She was extremely thin and infested with lice; bald spots covered her body where she had rubbed off her hair as she sought relief from the itching.  Less than 3 months later, Gracie gave birth to a little jenny, Piper.  Gracie’s lice infestation, poor body condition, damaged hooves and teeth were addressed promptly, but recovery from severe physical neglect takes time.  Recovery from emotional neglect can take even longer; although Gracie trusts us now, she still is nervous, and she is wary of many humans.  Because this brave jenny already has endured so much, we don’t want to put her through any more changes.  Gracie will remain in sanctuary at our rescue with the people who know her best, and whom she trusts.