The Mammoths: Marshall, Sarge and Trooper

In July 2016, we passed by a pasture in PA with 5 big donkeys that desperately needed help.  Their feet were terribly overgrown, and their coats were matted messes. We reported their condition to a local animal control agency, and shortly after, these Mammoth donkeys were seized due to neglect. A few months later, the agency reached out and asked if we could take some of them into our care.  Marshall, Sarge and Trooper arrived first, followed soon after by an “older gentleman,” Big Clyde.  Sadly, we lost Big Clyde early in 2023, but he had 5 wonderful years with us.   

The Mammoths are big, gentle giants and are a beautiful, unique addition to Little Longears. Mammoth donkeys are like the draft horses of the donkey world: gentle, kind, slow and lovable. These donkeys are considered a heritage breed, and the relatively small population of these magnificent donkeys makes their conservation essential.